Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Collecting Hockey Cards And Collectibles

Collecting ice hockey collectibles is a really interesting hobby for any hockey enthusiast, and for some a business. It is all up to the individual. Myself i am more into vintage hockey collectibles. I get a bit of a rush when i go to a yard sale or a flea market and see a box full of vintage hockey collectibles going for a couple of bucks or so. I will share and talk about some of my finds in future posts.

These are a few photos that i acquired from Photofile. I have many older photos which i have gathered over the years and will upload some of them in the future.

There is some nice hockey footage out there on DVD. Some favourites that i have are below.

Lots more to show and discuss in the future.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wayne Gretzky Collectibles

Arguably the best player to ever play the game. Some love him some don't. However his stats speak for themselves. So many related collectibles you could never discuss them all. The most popular might be his rookie card. As a gas fitter i remember working at a house putting a heat run in the sons bedroom in the basement. I look over at one of the walls and low and behold there is a OPC Gretzky rookie card pined to the wall with five thumb tacks. I couldn't believe it. This was in the early 90s. I said to the kids dad do you know how much that card could have been worth? "Is that right" he said.
The closest i have got to the rookie is the 1992 O-PEE-CHEE  anniversary series card below.

I remember in the 80s, i used to have a friend who loved Gretzky. It,s all he talked about. So another friend and i thought we would buy him a doll at the local Stedmans store. It was made by Mattel and was only around ten bucks or so. I guess he got the last laugh, as he still has it with the original box.
I've seen them go from 50 to over a hundred bucks on Ebay.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hockey Embroidered Emblems, Patches

For some people collecting patches is their only hobby. National Emblem puts out some nice stuff every year. Such a huge variety from different leagues, awards, anniversaries etc. I like finding older vintage hockey patches auctions, yard sales, flea markets and so on. I don't have a huge collection yet.

Just a few of what i have below

Below are some hockey emblems, patches from my minor hockey days in Burk's Falls Ontario