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Just another avid hockey fan from northern Ontario. I played minor hockey when i 
was a kid in the 1970s and followed that by joining a sportsmans league when i got 
older. Like many hockey enthusiasts i pretty much live and breathe it. My main 
passion other than watching hockey is collecting, mostly vintage stuff. Hockey cards 
yes, but i also have an interest in publications, programs , yearbooks, media guides, 
pocket schedules, ticket stubs etc. Hope to share a few thoughts with some other collectors.

 My family calls it the hockey room. "You can look but don't touch" and for gods sake do not move anything out of place, dad will notice! My wife and daughter joke about my obsession.

                             It's less than one hundred square feet and packed full of goodies

Everything from magazines, programs, hockey cards, pocket schedules, ticket stubs etc

I just call it hockey room decor. I told my wife that i do not have to put wallpaper up or curtains with logos to make it a hockey themed room. Sure periodically like everybody i will throw up a bit of stuff on Ebay and try and make a sale or two. Lots to talk about in the near future so stop by every now and then to see what's going on.

 I won the 1970-71 Esso Power Player Sticker Album at a hockey banquet in Burk's Falls Ont. that was held at the public school. It was presented to me for being the most energetic Mite. I believe it is compared to Novice nowadays. Any kid could have won it, i guess they "liked my haircut". I still have it to this day with all the stickers.

 At the same banquet my brother and i were selected to present Ron Ellis with a sweater with our minor hockey logo on it. Ron was the guest speaker playing for the Leafs at the time. You should have see everybody's eyeballs when he walked in the door, "quite a thrill for us kids. We got hockey jackets that year also. They were a dark green with gold trim. I  remember the color green because it was the same color as the meat they served for the dinner, LOL.

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